Vietnam’s local groups working hand in hand

NGUYỄN ANH THƯ Trưởng Điều phối miền Bắc


To run a huge nationwide campaign like Vietnam Power Shift (VPS) it demands strategic planning and close collaboration – therefore Hanoi’s team leader Thu Nguyen made all her way down to 350 Vietnam’s headquarter in Saigon.

Thu is responsible for the technical concerns of our new website “I am very happy to be in Saigon. I am full of excitement and motivation, and I can hardly wait to support the VPS actions right on-site” Thu said after her arrival.

But work is not the only thing she has in mind: “Of course I am looking forward to meeting my 350 friends”, she mentions with a big smile. Thu is going to stay until the end of VPS. “Face-to-face cooperation is much more effective than cooperation via Internet.” True words!

We are looking forward to a good cooperation. Welcome to Saigon, Thu!

Learn more about our team

Learn more about Vietnam Power Shift


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