Easter Egg Bash Success!

After weeks of planning, preparations and lots of paper mâché-ing, the CHANGE (350Vietnam) team and volunteers were ready to promote awareness about climate change at the Easter Egg Bash last Sunday hosted by the American School of Vietnam. As a co-host, CHANGE organized fun, environmentally friendly Easter activities for the kids, like planting their own flowers and decorating Easter eggs made from recycled newspapers. With a focus to promote current campaigns and projects, such as ‘Climate Camp’ and the ‘Sun in a Bottle’ project, we showcased a model of the Sun in a Bottle, which gave Easter Egg Bash-ers an opportunity to see this practical sustainable lighting technique, and how it can bring sunlight to families living without electricity all over Vietnam. The enthusiasm of our volunteers did not go unnoticed, and parents were eager to learn more about CHANGE and the projects we are working on. Although there were many activities to choose from, like cookie decorating, pony rides and a huge bouncy castle, the children had fun painting their recycled Easter eggs and assembling their very own flower pot, which they were eager to bring home, to water and watch grow!

Overall, the event was a success and we would like to thank Sara Blattler and the parents and staff of AIS, BIS and TAS for organizing the Easter Egg Bash as well as the 350Vietnam volunteers for their dedication and hard work leading up to and during the event!

The proceeds of the event will go to various charities in Ho Chi Minh City, including CHANGE and we look forward to implementing our current projects in an effort to promote environmental sustainability in Vietnam!






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