Book Auction!


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Launched in 2012, “The Sun in a Bottle” project has brought many low-income communities throughout HCMC a cheap and sustainable source of light and is expected to expand to other areas.

In order to raise funds to continue the project, Vietnam is organizing an online book auction called

“Old Books Light Up Dark Homes.”

Time: March 28 to May 4, 2013

Auction method: bidders will place their bids as a comment below each book’s image on this event page. Winners are those who bid the highest price at the ending time of each auction (11:59pm each Sunday in April).

Consignment: winners can go to any of Many Different Tastes Coffee’s branches to get their books. Locations:
+ 420 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St, District 3
+ B2-K7, B2 Vincom Center A, 171 Dong Khoi St, District 1
+ Ground Floor, Area A, Pandora City, 1/1 Truong Chinh St, Tan Phu District
+ 6th floor, Ham Nghi St, District 1

Payment: Direct in cash when given the book(s)

**You can also help by donating your book(s). You can drop your book(s) in the above addresses or contact Ms. Nhi (0977 092 077) for detail instruction.

Additional info on “The Sun in a Bottle” project:
Based on a simple principle: a recycled clean & clear bottle filled up with water and chlorine is installed partly above and partly below a metal roof. During the daytime, sunlight streams into the water, refracting and illuminating dark interiors with a spectrum equivalent to a 55-60 W light bulb.
First carried out in Brazil and the Philippines.
Tested successfully in District 4, Vietnam.

Check out photos from a Sun in the Bottle installation here!

Just one small deed can make a big difference, let’s help release poor communities from the darkness and bring them a brighter future 🙂


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