350 Vietnam presenting in Saigon

On Tuesday we had the great pleasure to present our work and our recent efforts at an event called Green Drinks. Green Drinks is a monthly, informal session, which provides single persons, young NGOs or established organizations in the green field the occasion to share their visions and ideas.

350 Vietnam attended with a group of volunteers who came to support speaker and 350 Vietnam coordinator Hong Hoang. In a 60 minutes lecture she narrated about both her trip to Antarctica and her passion in engaging young people to take action. Furthermore she put special attention on the Vietnam Global Power Shift, which will take place in Ho Chi Minh and other cities all over the country.

“I see significant potential in Vietnam”, concluded Matt Pakes, Director of Architecture for Atlas, a global provider of architectural and engineering services, in the following question answer period. Besides him about 30 eco friends and journalists from local media stations showed up.

For us Green Drinks was a great opportunity to catch up with link-minded people and to get inspired by their annotations and ideas.

Written by Katharina Mengede


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