Vote for Nature

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Vote for Nature is a sustainable campaign to promote the close bond between human beings and the nature.

Launched in August 2012 by 350 Vietnam, the “Vote for Nature” campaign has attracted over 3,000 people on our Facebook page:, and has recruited over 100 enthusiastic volunteers to join in the activities.

Our aims and objectives:

– Raise awareness about the issue of hunting, selling and consuming products made from wild animals as well as promoting wildlife rescue and conservation.

– Create a community to share information and knowledge about wildlife.

– Contribute to environmental protection and wildlife preservation.

Following the initial success of the campaign in 2012, this year we aim to:

  • Gain the support of 3,000 people on our Facebook page
  • Organize more talks about wildlife preservation
  • Reach our goal of getting 100 restaurants to sign our petition and commit to non-wild life consumption

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