Sun in a Bottle

Following the success of the “A liter of light’” project in Brazil and the Philippines, “The Sun in a Bottle” is a project created and led by 350 Vietnam, with an aim to provide a green solution to lighting low income households during the day. The project was successfully implemented in district 4, district 7, Thủ Đức district and Binh Thanh district during “A different Earth Hour”, a two-week long program conducted in March 2012. Our target for this year is to install ‘The Sun in a Bottle’ in 500 households located in Mekong Delta.

What we need:

1. One recycled 1.5 liter plastic bottle of water and a few drops of chlorine.

2. A 30x30cm square of tole

How it works:

As the sun’s ray’s stream into the bottle of chlorinated water through the roof, its light will be bended (refracted) and thus will reflect internally to produce a bright source of light inside the home. The part of the bottle located below the roof will become a sustainable source of light, with a brightness that is equivalent to a 50V-60V light bulb.

 Check out photos from a Sun in the Bottle installation here!


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