‘Stop Using Rhino Horn’ Campaign

IMG_7329“When the buying stops, the killing can too” (Vietnamese:“Không có người mua – Không còn kẻ giết”) is a worldwide endangered species conservation program run primarily through the public awareness campaigns of WildAid. The program aims to inspire positive public attitudes to wildlife conservation and reduce the use of products made from wild animals; thereby eliminating the impact of poaching on wildlife populations and human communities.

In Vietnam, this program kicked off on 3rd March 2014, with an awareness campaign to save rhinos facing severe impacts due to dramatically increased illegal consumption of their horns in countries such as Vietnam and China over the last few years. The program is coordinated by WildAid, the African Wildlife Foundation and CHANGE.

Many Vietnamese TV, radio stations, news, and out-of-home media agencies committed to support the campaign, providing over US$1million in donated media for the upcoming year, to broadcast the campaign’s TV messages and print ads featuring the Ambassadors calling for immediate shifts in belief and action to protect the threatened rhino.

Musicians Quoc Trung, Do Bao, MC Anh Tuan, Actresses Hong Anh, Minh Trang, Singers Le Cat Trong Ly, Duc Tuan, Ms. Beauty Thu Thuy together with Singers My Tam, Tung Duong, Actor Johnny Tri Nguyen, Miss Sport Thu Huong, Miss Vietnam Thu Thao, and Golfer Tran Le Duy Nhat join Jackie Chan, Yao Ming, and Maggie Q in this international campaign.

In the coming years, the campaign coordinators will partner extensively with the media as well as conduct attitudinal surveys, organize public events and education programs, and build local authorities’ capacity, to help strengthen the campaign to achieve the desired outcomes.

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