‘Photography Educating and Empowering Kids’ Project

The Biodiversity PEEK – Photography Educating and Empowering Kids – (called PEEK project) trained local youths, aged 13-16, form the Con Dao islands in Vietnam to become citizen scientists, naturalists, photographers, and above all, “ambassadors” advocating for the unique biodiversity of the islands.

The PEEK project put cameras into the hands of the students in Con Dao so that they could document the diversity of animals and plants in Con Dao and share the photos on the internet to show the rest of the world what there is to value about the biodiversity of Con Dao.

In order to take part in the project, the students were trained in environmental and biodiversity knowledge, and necessary skills to photograph the nature in Con Dao and use these pictures for the sake of education and scientific research in Con Dao and other places.

During the course of the project, six students were trained by experts of TBG and the Con Dao National Park in the skills of swimming, snorkeling, methods of photographing in the water and on the land, and how to recognize species in the forest at night. They had a chance to be exposed to the coral reefs, observe sea turtles laying eggs, see sea turtles’ eggs being hatched at turtle hatcheries, release baby turtles to the sea, and photograph in the forest at night.

Pictures taken in the PEEK project were selected and uploaded onto the inaturalist website, where they were added to millions of natural history pictures from all over the world.

PEEK project is implemented by CHANGE and the Biodiversity Group with funding from the U.S Consulate General in HCMC and technical supports from the Con Dao national Park.


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