350 Vietnam

350vn350 Vietnam is the largest youth led climate change movement in the country since its establishment in 2011. As part of the international 350 movement its mission is to promote, inspire and engage the public to adopt green living and production practices as practical contributions to slowing down the global climate change, and offer support to climate change affected communities.

In just over two years of operation, 350 Vietnam has recruited over 10,000 volunteers in 20 provinces, and over 30 Vietnamese Celebrity Goodwill Ambassadors. Successful projects implemented by 350 Vietnam include The Sun in a Bottle, White Roof Green Wall, Green School, Straw-less Week, Moving Planet, A Different Earth Hour, Vote for Nature, Climate Camp, Light Source of Future and Connect the Dots, which were widely featured in the local media.

350 Vietnam, led by young volunteers, supervised and supported by Hong Hoang, the 350.org Southeast Asia Co-Coordinator, has a national coordinators team based in Ho Chi Minh City (in the South), and two regional coordinators teams based in Hanoi (North) and Danang (Central).

For more information please visit: www.350.org.vn



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